Badass Women on TV

Although television programing is littered with negative images of women, there are still examples of strong, independent, and fierce women out there. Here are some of my favorites.

Sookie Stackhouse

Show she appears in:True Blood

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Sookie is a badass. Although she may appear cute and harmless, Sookie can read your thoughts or shoot you with light from her fingertips. She is always standing up for others and does whatever it takes to protect her friends and family.

Detective Olivia Benson

Show she appears in: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Detective Benson is a champion of those who are victims of sex crimes. She is always soft and sympathetic with the victims and tough on the bad guys.

Lucrezia Borgia

Show she appears in: The Borgias

Lucrezia Borgia may be one of the strongest female characters on television. Despite being forced to do things that would destroy most women, Lucrezia flourished under the pressure. In most cases, the people who wronged her or her family paid dearly.  Beautiful, smart, and vengeful, Lucrezia Borgia is the last person you’d want to cross.

Miranda Bailey

Show she appeared in: Grey’s Anatomy

Although Miranda Bailey appeared to be a tough and blunt leader, there was much more to her. She was always there for her coworkers, providing them with support whenever they needed it.

Evangeline Williamson

Show she appeared in: One Life to Live

Evangeline was the total package. She was smart, a successful lawyer, funny, brave and kind. She was the perfect woman.

Margaret Houlihan 

Show she appeared in: MASH

Major Houlihan was in the army at a time where it was hard to be a woman, let alone a woman with power. Because of that, she had to act tough and command respect. Despite her rigidness, Margaret could be compassionate and gentle. She was a great nurse, friend, and  commanding officer.


Show she appeared in: Xena:Warrior Princess

What’s more badass than kicking ass in a tight leather dress? In all seriousness though, Xena used her incredible fighting skills for good to make up for being a warlord in the past.

Marge Simpson

Show she appears in: The Simpsons

Marge may not be a fighter, but to put up with her family’s antics, she has to be a pretty strong woman. Marge is what keeps the Simpson family together. She’s always bailing Homer and the kids out of messes. She’s also always there for her friends and neighbors when they need her.


Show she appears in: The Walking Dead

Instead of using a gun or arrows to defeat zombies, Michonne uses a katana. She is a fierce fighter and pretty smart too. Using zombies as pack mules/decoys is genius.

Buffy Summers

Show she appears in: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Normal young adult by day, ass kicker of supernatural beings by night. Buffy was definitely the epitome of female badassery in the 90s and still is today.

Tara Thornton

Show she appears in: True Blood

Just like Sookie, lots of people either love Tara or hate her. Either way, there’s no denying she’s a badass. She’s one of the smartest people in Bon Temps. In addition to being really smart, Tara is also tough, both mentally and physically. Tara’s a great fighter too. She’s always ready to help her friends and family.

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