Day 6: My 5 senses right now

My senses are kind of boring now but here we go.

Sight: Right now I’m looking at my laptop screen, occasionally looking down at my fingers to make sure I’m pressing all the right keys. Across from me are two windows to the outside world and our Christmas tree. Looks like it’s staying up all year.

Sound: I hear my fingers lightly tapping the keyboard. The neighbors are doing playing music outside and machinery is running too. I’m also kind of watching Machete on the TV now, so I can hear that in the background. And I just heard my phone vibrate.

Smell: Fresh cut grass

Taste: I hate an ice cream sandwich early and that’s lingering nicely.

Touch: My fingers are dancing across the keyboard. My palms are resting against whatever material the laptop is made of. My back is against the sofa and my legs are propped up. 62ab6-challenge

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