Day 7: Pet Hates

I currently don’t have any pets. I haven’t had one since my dog died years ago.  Before that I had a few parakeets.

But at one point I had two dogs. Crystal, the one who died a few years ago, and another named Snowflake. Snowflake hated EVERYTHING. She was really feisty.

We found Snowflake one winter in the yard. It was snowing that day. We kept her for a while. She was okay by herself, but she was a bit feisty around people. She would nip at you a bit. Sometimes bark and growl. She did like it when you played catch with her though.

Anyway, for some reason we decided to get another dog (Crystal) and Snowflake REALLY hated Crystal. We put them together and after a while Snowflake attacked Crystal. Crystal didn’t even fight back. Needless to say, we had to give Snowflake away.


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