Day 8: What’s in Your Handbag?

Day 8 of this 31 day blog challenge is what’s in your handbag. But alas! I haven’t carried a purse since high school. Just like the day 7, day 8 really throws a monkey wrench in this, but I’m going to explain why I don’t carry one (and why I probably should).

Why I Don’t Carry a Purse 

1. Pockets and bras. Most of the time I wear jeans or shorts with pockets. My pockets usually provide enough room for my wallet and phone. And if they don’t I just stick my phone in my bra. Don’t judge me.

2. Temptation.  When I did use a purse, it was loaded with stuff that I  didn’t need. I didn’t need makeup that I wasn’t going to wear or touch up. I didn’t need three types of chapsticks and lipglosses. I didn’t need three types of lotion or snacks or band aids. On second thought, I did need the snacks.

3. Things get lost in there. Because you’re hoarding so much crap in your purse, you can NEVER find anything.

4. You have to take it everywhere. Everywhere you go, the purse must go.

5. Laziness. I’m too lazy to lug it around all the time.

Why I Should Carry a Purse

1. Sometimes I carry a lot of stuff. Some days I want my sunblock and hand sanitizer and other stuff with me. A purse would be useful on days when I don’t have the car. Then I could have all the stuff.

2. Pockets are weird. Sometimes pockets bulge when you put stuff inside. It looks funny.


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