Day 9: My Worst Habits

Oh boy…

Cursing is at the top of the list. Sometimes I sound like a cross between a sailor and a truck driver. I’m trying to cut back, buuuut it’s hard, especially if I get frustrated. 

I’m also loyal to a fault. Normally loyalty isn’t a bad thing, but I’m way too loyal for my own good. If I consider someone my friend, then I stick by them no matter what. It doesn’t matter how bad they screw me over or other people. I will make excuses for them and still stick by them even though I shouldn’t. It’s something I’m working on as well because it has caused major problems and pain in my life.

I also have really high expectations. Because I always try to go above and beyond with my family and friends, I get a little wounded when people don’t do the same for me. I know it doesn’t mean that they don’t love me or care about me, but it bothers me and makes me question the relationship.

I over think EVERYTHING! That causes me to second guess myself a lot.

Jeez, I made myself seem like an overly sensitive spazz with a potty mouth.

Dah, well. That’s the worst of me. Still room to change.


3 thoughts on “Day 9: My Worst Habits

  1. I really love this bio! It is so open and honest. This is why you will be a success at what you put your ambition into! You just keep on as you are, overly loyalty and all, (well, maybe work on the potty mouth, at least out loud!)

    Thanks for following Redo…


      1. We’ll swap visits for sure! Have a great day and thanks for the very nice reply!


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