Day 10: Best Physical Feature

This one is tough.It’s hard to pick a best physical feature because I’ve never really considered myself a looker. Then again, a lot of people don’t find themselves attractive either.Although some studies like this one want us to believe that we think more of ourselves than warranted, companies such as Dove are pushing to show that we are attractive in our own way. I like the latter message better.


Anyway, onto my best physical feature. I have two, but to avoid potential embarrassment and creepy comments, I’ll go with my eyes.   Now days I have dark circles from years of not sleeping correctly, but I still think they’re nice.


4 thoughts on “Day 10: Best Physical Feature

  1. You are an attractive young lady! Your eyes are beautiful that can be seen. Your heart and soul are of great quality as well. I always liked that saying…”God made me and He don’t make any junk!”

    Work on a smile from within and the right people will think you are beautiful. Take care.


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