Day 13: My Earliest Memory

My earliest memories are of my grandmother. We used to do everything together. 

My grandmother loved to be outside. We used to have one of those porch swings in the backyard. She used to sit there and watched me as I played. We took walks all the time. Sometimes it would just be to the corner and then back home. Other times we would walk to her friend’s house and stay there for a while before walking back home.

I also love to read because of my grandmother. She always had her nose in a book or would read to me. She used to do lots of word searches and crossword puzzles too. Because of her I love a good word search.

Sometimes while she read she would let me stand on her bed and sing and dance.

Unfortunately she died when I was between 8-10 I think. I really don’t remember how old I was when she passed. Either way I’m glad I got to spend time with her.


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