Day 14: If I Won the Lottery

I don’t really play the lottery much unless the jackpot is ridiculous or I get the urge to do a scratch off. However, it would be really cool if I ever did win big money from a lottery ticket.

What I do with my lottery winnings would all depend on how much I won. I pulled up the Jersey lottery website and looked up the big two: powerball and mega millions. Currently the Powerball is 85 million. Mega millions is 29 million. So if I were to play the lottery it would be Powerball.

Hmmm. So what would I do with 85 million dollars.

I would do the normal, selfish things. I would buy myself a house, car, pay off student loans and go back to school. Then I would set aside a couple million for emergencies. I might invest some of the money as well or put into an annuity or another type of security product for safe keeping.

I’d also use some of the money to open up a publishing house. I’d love to help writers get their work out there.

I would also help out my family and friends. Not the fakes that come around when they want or need something. Just my real friends and family who have stuck by me throughout the years.  New houses and cars for my mom and uncle. I would set up a college trust fund for my niece. I’d even give my sister some of the money. As for my friends, I’d pay off any student loans they have. For the ones that have kids, I would set up college trust funds for their children as well. If they don’t have student loans or kids, they could still have some of the money.

After that, the rest could go to charity or good causes. I’d donate to organizations that support rape survivors and people who have suffered abuse. I’d give money to places that help people with mental health issues and to soldiers. I’d also give to charities to that support young women, children and teens and equal rights for all.


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