Sunday TV Round Up

Those of you who follow me on twitter or who have been following the blog for awhile know that I LOVE True Blood and The Borgias. Last night was bittersweet for me. Season 6 of True Blood premiered and the series finale of The Borgias aired. This post is going to be a review of both with spoilers, so if you care about that kind of thing I’m sorry! 

True Blood 

Season six starts off from Bill’s perspective after he drank the whole vial of Lilith’s blood. Meanwhile, Eric, Sookie Jason, Tara, Pam, Nora, and Jessica try to find a way out. Luckily for them, everyone gets out alive. Unfortunately, others are not so lucky. Luna, Sam and Emma also tried to escape, but Luna did not make it. 

After escaping from the Authority the gang learns that the governor has basically declared war on the vampires of Louisiana. All vampire owned business are shut down, a curfew is set, and humans are encouraged to take up arms. You know, your average bigotry and fear inspiring laced speech politicians give.

But the governor doesn’t appear to be a complete jerk. He offers a bottling facility for TruBlood Beverage Corp. so they can continue production. This would help alleviate the tension between humans and vampires. Despite seemingly good intentions, can you really trust a politician? We’ll see. 

As for everyone else, alliances are clearly drawn and broken.  

Still distraught over Warlow killing his parents, Jason lashes out at Sookie and the vampires. Despite knowing them and fighting alongside them, Jason now feels contempt and hatred towards them again. He turns his back on all of them.Jason then hitches a ride from a stranger and tells him his whole life story. Of course the mysterious stranger turns out to be Warlow. Frankly this pissed me off a bit because last season he was good friends (and having sex) with Jessica. And Tara, a friend since childhood, NEVER wanted to be a vampire. It was forced upon her. Then he blabs EVERYTHING to Warlow, a total stranger, like a teenage girl. 

Jessica decides to stay with Bill because he’s all she’s got left. Hoyt left town and Jason abandoned her. 

Speaking of Bill, he appeared to be normal but with greater powers after consuming the blood of Lilith. He was the Bill we came to love in Season 1 and 2. Not the jerk he became afterwards. However, can Bill be trusted? Unfortunately, I don’t think so, especially after the way episode ended. 

Eric and Nora clearly are an alliance. The relationship between Pam and Eric is severely damaged, so much so that Pam is not her usual ass kicking, snarky self. Although she had some great one liners, she’s not the Pam she used to be. Tara does her best to console her, but Pam has her defenses up. 

As for Sookie, well, she wants to leave all of it behind. She rescinds Eric invitation from her home and wants to be normal. Unfortunately we know that isn’t going to happen. You’re a fairy who was promised to a vampire upon birth, Sook. You were never destined for a normal life.

Vampires and fairies aside, there were appearances from other Bon Temps residents. Lafayette was holding down the fort for Sam and makes Emma something deep fried, covered in chocolate and deep fried again. MMM. Alcide has a pack. And Andy’s alien, fairy babies are growing at a ridiculous rate. 

Overall, I give the season 6 premiere a 4 out of 5. The pacing was slow in places and some things just feel forced. I also would have loved more Lafayette because he’s my favorite! Despite that, I feel this season has the ability to return the show to it’s more dramatic and less campy roots. 

The Borgias

What was supposed to be only a season finale turned out to be the series finale. Showtime opted to cancel show after this season was complete. Creator Neil Jordan wrote a script for a two-hour movie to give The Borgias more finality, but Showtime wasn’t having that either. Hopefully they change their mind because it felt very incomplete to me. Again, I realize this is because the finale was intended to only conclude season 3, not the series. 

Anyway, the final episode of The Borgias concluded with Pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia,  finally giving Cesare permission to lead the papal army against family enemy, Caterina Sforza. Rodrigo hopes this will allow him to turn the papacy into a monastery instead of an elected position if his plot is successful. 

With the help of Micheletto, Cesare does beautifully at bringing down Caterina Sforza. He dresses her up like a queen and puts her in a golden cage to bring her to his father. He treated her humanely and even with compassion. 

Meanwhile, Lucrezia is torn. She clearly loves her brother as more than a sibling and her husband, Alfonso, is woefully aware of this fact. However, it’s clear that she loves Alfonso too, despite his weakness and sniveling. 

When Cesare comes back from his mission, he plans to have Alfonso murdered. An opportunity presents itself when Alfonso decides to fight Cesare while drunk. Although he tries to keep his hands clean, Alfonso falls on Cesare’s blade. Although he doesn’t die immediately, his death will be slow and immediate. Alfonso then begs Lucrezia to kill him. 

Heartbroken, Lucrezia poisons her husband. Cesare finds her draped over Alfonso’s dead body and vows that Lucrezia will be his from then on.

The end. 

Overall, I give the finale 4 out 5 stars. It was heart wrenching and beautiful, but the ending didn’t feel final. Although it was historically accurate for the most part, it didn’t feel like the end. You know there is more to the story.  Again, I know it was because it was intended to be a season finale instead of a series finale. I also feel like some appearances were there to appease fans such as with Micheletto’s brief return.  

Hopefully Showtime wises up and allows the movie to be shot. 

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