I know that the real meaning of this song is about a girl with a learning disorder who is trying to please her mother. However, I think of this song whenever I think about my dad.

Father’s Day was this weekend and I didn’t get my father anything. I didn’t even want to call him, but my mom thought it was a good idea to keep the lines of communication open. So I called, put on my “phone voice”  and wished him a happy Father’s Day.

He called me back last night and I couldn’t have been less than thrilled. Although he sounded happy to hear from me, the conversation was flat. You can only go through so much meaningless small talk before you find some excuse to get off the phone.

The thing that made me laugh the most was him telling me “to give him a call if I was ever in the neighborhood.” I live about two towns away! I drive through there all the time! The thing is though, if I did pick up the phone to call him, he wouldn’t answer right away. He would call me the next day. It all seemed meaningless. It felt like an empty gesture.

Maybe I’m judging him too harshly. After all, he did call me in April. I was just too stubborn and hurt to return his call. However, that call didn’t come for at least 6 months. It may have even been a year. If he really wanted a relationship, why didn’t he try to mend things and reach out when he saw they were broken?

I guess there are just some things in life not meant to be understood.

3 thoughts on “Daughter

  1. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be, unfortunately. The relationship I have with my dad is the opposite to the one you have with yours – sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have him there for me 24/7.
    A courageous and touching post, thanks for sharing it 🙂 x

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