Day 21: My Ten Favorite Foods

Sorry the post is late! I was traveling.

The last post was kind of intense so I’d thought I’d make this one a bit light-hearted. Without further ado, my ten favorite foods.


I could eat a tower of pizza

Accompanied by a mountain a fries.

Preferably with cheese.

Then for dessert

A bowl-or twenty

of my favorite ice creams.

Or I could be healthy.

Have a chicken Cesar salad.

Yeah, that’d linger nicely on the palate.

I could go for breakfast food.

Waffles and bacon.

A side of strawberries would be sweet.


Maybe cheesecake, chocolate or Oreos

Such wonderful treats!

I could eat them all right now

But there’s so little time!

Dah well.

Maybe some other time.


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