Day 23: My Dream Job

My dream job has changed a lot throughout the years.

When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a singer and a doctor. I loved to sing and wanted to do it front of thousands of people every night. When I wasn’t on tour I’d practice medicine.

Middle school I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I thought maybe a journalist because I was really good at writing. I still wanted to be a doctor kinda, but I learned that I was pretty squeamish. We had to dissect worms and cow hearts in biology and it was really gross. I also didn’t like seeing images of severely broken bones or people bloodied and in pain. 

In high school I took an interest in mental disorders. I found psychology fascinating and decided to take that route. I was a psych major in college, but if I go back to school I was thinking of changing it to social work. I could always do like my friend and get a Bachelor degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Social Work.

Today I’m on the fence. I definitely want to get my degree in psychology/social work so I can get into counseling. I’ve been to counseling 2 times and both were unpleasant experiences. I want to change that. I really want to work with teenagers or people suffering from depression or PTSD. Maybe even rape victims.

But it would also be pretty rewarding to be a fulltime writer. I love to write and connecting with other writers and readers. As long as I pace myself I could never hate it.


2 thoughts on “Day 23: My Dream Job

  1. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile than committing your career to helping others. You are doing that already just by writing! Great read, love the quote as well 😀 x

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