Day 24: My Favorite Childhood Book

Although it wasn’t as popular as other children’s books at the time, Corduroy is one of my favorites.

Corduroy is about a stuffed bear who lives in a department store. A little girl named Lisa wants to buy him, but her mother says no because he’s missing a button. That night, Corduroy roams the department store in search of his missing button. One of the security guards finds him and places him back on the shelf. The next day, the little girl returns to buy him and sews on a new button for him. They hug at the end because they finally found a friend.

I love this book because I’m partial to teddy bears. There’s nothing like the love of a teddy bear. Even though I’m in my early 20s I sleep with my bear from childhood. If I travel, he travels with me. He’s been a great friend to me throughout all these years. He listens to me, he comforts when I’m sad, scared, or crying. I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to him.


6 thoughts on “Day 24: My Favorite Childhood Book

  1. A great post, dear! Thanks for sharing…I love teddys too. Wait, did that come out right? Darn, another thing to put on my improvement list!


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