#CAFSC-The Birth of Mirage

This is my entry for the Creating A Female Superhero Challenge. Better late than never, right? Enjoy guys! To read the other entries, follow this link: http://www.linkytools.com/wordpress_list.aspx?id=198770&type=thumbnail They’re all good!

Tinika Ross

967 words

Anthology:  Yes

Charity: Because I’m A Girl

Name of female superhero: Mirage

Name of human alter ego, if different: Lisa Stark/ Lisa Carter 

Superhero Appearance (hair, eyes, body type, etc.): Dark brown hair in a bun, brown eyes that can be seen through eye mask, petite but athletic. Wearing the costume described below.

Human alter ego appearance (if she has an alter ego): Medium length dark brown hair worn loose, brown eyes, petite. Usually wears jeans and t-shirts when she’s not working as a police officer. Then she wears her cop uniform. 

Costume: black combat boots, camo pants, a black tank top and a black mask. Sometimes a bullet proof vest is worn under her tank top.

Personality: Good natured, intelligent, funny, slightly absent-minded and sweet with a slight temper.

Brief description of how the superheroine gets her powers (i.e. born with them, radioactive accident, mad scientist experiments on her, etc.): Was murdered and given a second chance as a superhero.

Powers: Telekinesis, teleportation, mind reading, shoot light through her fingers/hands, levitation, ability to walk through solid surfaces such as doors, walls, etc.

Anything else important: Lisa has to assume a new identity once she agrees to become a superhero. Her new identity is a cop which allows her to better track villains and find out who her murder is. Her partner, David Brooks, is the only one who knows her secrets.

The Birth of Mirage

 Lisa grabbed her clutch from the kitchen counter and ran to her car. She looked down. No shoes. She ran back, slid on her red stilettos, and ran back to her car. Keys! She dashed back inside, grabbed her keys, and bolted inside the car. Just as she was peeling out of her driveway, her cell phone rang.

  “Hello?” Lisa said quickly.

“You’re late.” The voice on the other end laughed.

“I know! I’m really sorry, Stuart. I fell asleep while I was watching a movie. I’m in the car.” Lisa replied as she applied her cherry lipstick.

Stuart laughed. “No big deal. How long is it going to take you?”

“Hmmm about twenty minutes. I can be there in 12 if the traffic is good.”

“Don’t kill yourself trying to get here. I’ll be waiting out front. And Lisa?”


“Relax. There’s no pressure. I can’t wait to see you.”

A smile as big as the Cheshire cat’s crept across her face. “See you in a bit.”

Lisa couldn’t believe her luck. After months of awkward conversations and glances, Stuart Reynolds finally asked her out. The two worked together at one of the largest research firms in the state. Stuart was the best. He was handsome and charming too. Lisa prayed she wouldn’t blow it.

Lisa decided to turn up the radio to help her relax. Her favorite song was playing. Lisa considered it a good omen. She began to sing and dance along to it. The pressure and anxiety she felt slowly melted away with each lyric.

Suddenly, the car in front of her slammed on its breaks. Lisa barely missed it. She sighed in relief. Then another car slammed into her. Lisa screamed as her car violently slid across two lanes and off a bridge.

The next thing she knew, Lisa was underwater. She knew if she didn’t get out of the car soon she wouldn’t make it. She unfastened her seatbelt and tried to kick out the windshield. It didn’t budge. Lisa kept kicking with all her might until it finally broke. She swam as quickly as she could through the opening and to the surface.

When she looked up, Lisa saw a huge crowd looking down from the bridge. There was an even bigger one standing on the shore. Lisa didn’t know where she got the strength, but she swam as hard as she could to the shore. She laid there choking, sputtering and gasping for air, but no one helped her. They ignored her and walked past her. Several were crying and muttering about what a tragedy it was.

Once Lisa pulled herself together, she tried to reach out for help. At first, she asked politely. She meekly approached people and asked them what was happening. They ignored her. Soon Lisa became agitated. She screamed and cried. She threw a tantrum. However, everyone ignored her pleas.

As the sun began to set, the crowd began to disappear. Eventually everyone, including the police, left the scene. Lisa stood there alone, hurt and confused. What was happening to her?

“Are you afraid?” A voice called out to her.

Lisa spun around to see who was addressing her. In the distance, she saw the shadowy figure of a man standing beneath the bridge. She couldn’t get a good look at him in the moonlight, but he was wearing a grey pinstriped suit and had shoulder length black hair.

“Me? You can see me?” Lisa sniffed.

“Of course I can see you if you can see me.” He replied.


“We…are dead.”

“No! No it can’t be! I can’t be dead! I got out of that car! I swam to shore! I can’t be dead!” Lisa screamed as she marched over to him.

“And you didn’t find that a little odd?” The strange man asked.

Lisa sank to her knees. Deep down she knew it was true. Somehow, it made sense. It explained her daring escape and everyone ignoring her pleas for help.

The man stood silently as he waited for Lisa to compose herself. Once she was able to wrap her head around what was happening she stood up. He reached out to her and gently wiped away her tears. He smiled.

“Are you here to take me away? Am I going to heaven or hell?” Lisa sniffed.

“Either or neither. It’s up to you.” The man shrugged.

“I don’t understand.”

He sighed. “I…am affectionately known as the Phantom.” He stepped out into the light so Lisa could see his face. Half of it was the face of strikingly handsome Native American. The other half was an exposed skull. Lisa gasped and clasped her hand over her mouth. Just as quickly as he stepped out of the shadows, he stepped back in them. He let out another sigh and continued.

“I am here to offer you a chance to avenge your death, and the deaths of others. This was no accident. You were murdered.”

Tears slowly began to fall from Lisa’s cheek. She couldn’t believe it. Who would want to murder her?

“What do I have to do?” Lisa asked.

“If you were to accept this offer, you would have a new body and a new identity. Your new identity would have the ability to talk to the dead and telekinesis. You could use your new identity to find those who murdered you and others while protecting the living from similar fates.” The Phantom replied.

“So I’d be some type of…undead superhero?” Lisa questioned.

The Phantom smiled. “Yes, I suppose you could say that. Do you accept?”

Lisa thought for a moment. “How would I know what to do?”

“I will be your spirit guide. I am here to help you.”

Lisa extended her hand to The Phantom. “I’m in.”

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