Day 25: My Five Favorite Blogs

I follow a lot of great blogs/bloggers on WordPress, but here’s five of my favorites.

Depression Times: This blog chronicles the journey of a man with depression. Great writing and very brave to share his story with everyone. The writer is also a pretty cool dude if I do say so myself.

Broad Blogs:  A great blog that focuses on the social and psychological relations of women and the world around them. I love this blog because it really makes you think and question social norms women have to deal with.

Eat, Sleep, Television: I like TV and movies and this blog has really good reviews and trailers.

Scott Williams: I’ve had my share of counselors in the day. Most of them sucked. However, this guy is the real deal. He provides great insight, fresh and interesting perspectives, and he doesn’t act pretentious about being a counselor.

Bottled Worder: A great blog on writing, blogging, and other fun stuff.


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