Day 30: What’s in My Makeup Bag

Here’s another confession for you guys. I don’t have a makeup bag. I just kind of leave it among my hair accessories or on a bookshelf. The truth is I’m AWFUL at makeup. Foundation, blush, powder…there’s WAY too much to keep up with it. To be honest, I didn’t know what the hell foundation or powder was really for until a few months ago. Don’t judge me!

Nevertheless I do wear makeup from time to time, especially if I want to impress someone. Again, don’t judge me.


Here’s what I typically wear.

Eyeliner: I’ve always liked eyeliner for some odd reason. I was REALLY good at doing for a while. I used to make all kinds of crazy designs with it. Now the craziest I get is the “cat eye”. Rawr.

Eye Shadow: I’m also a fan of eye shadow because it’s pretty easy to use. Blending colors or using multiple ones can be tricky, but I’m usually not that adventurous and only use a few colors. I mostly use red, blue, black, grey or purple. I’d really like to try doing a rainbow pattern though.

Concealer: I don’t use this often. This is only when I’m trying to impress someone or doing something important when I’ve had a bad breakout or couldn’t sleep the night before.

Lip gloss: Shiny and sometimes tasty lips? Why not?

Lipstick: When I want to look more grown up and sophisticated I’ll throw this on.

Bronzer: Don’t laugh! I use this if I don’t have any cover up.


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