Day 31: Why I Blog

I wish I could say I’m blogging for some profound meaningful purpose. Unfortunately, it’s not so.

I started this blog on April 5, 2011. At the time I was jobless and  couldn’t find “regular” work, so I decided to try writing again. I had done a stint as a writer for a content mill one summer and decided to hunt for more writing jobs. Most of them required blogging experience or WordPress experience. Broke and bored a blog was born!

Although I took a hiatus for 9 months, I kept blogging because my writing helped people. And it helped me too. Because of this blog I get to purge a lot of emotions. People actually like and care about some of the things I write about. And I’ve met lots of wonderful people who run wonderful blogs.

So I guess you could say I blog because it helps people. And it’s fun.

Thanks for everyone who kept up with my posts during this challenge! It was really a lot of fun letting you all get to know me. It’s been fun reading your posts too.

I’ll be going back to my regular posting schedule (Tuesdays and Thursdays) but you never know when inspiration will strike! 😉 Until Tuesday friends!



3 thoughts on “Day 31: Why I Blog

  1. Well done for completing the challenge, it’s been great reading your posts in this series 🙂 you ended it on a really positive, good note, now I’m looking forward to reading your other work! x

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