Very Inspiring Award

Guess who got nominated for another award? This girl! I’d like to thank the person who nominated me, Becka over at This and That.  Go check out her posts!  

Anyway, on with the award. Here are 7 facts about me. I’ll try make them different from the ones I’ve used before.

1. My favorite colors are purple, black and silver.

2. My favorite holidays are Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

3.  I’d like to go to a drag show one day.

4. I’ve dyed my hair purple a few times.

5.  Sometimes I like to randomly burst into song.

6. I HATE bananas.

7. I sing Hollaback Girl in my head whenever I spell “bananas.”


Here are my nominations for this award. The people who run these blogs write very inspiring pieces and have been very encouraging.

Thanks for dropping by to read this and believing in me!



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