“Trayvoning” And The Misuse Of The Black Body

Thought Catalog

Today, I considered becoming a troll.

After coming across an article in the Daily Mail on “Trayvoning” — wherein people pose as the dead body of Trayvon Martin, complete with a bag of candy and a can of iced tea — I was moved to a rare state of anger. Not only for the members of the Martin family, who continue to endure shock after shock at the hands of the media and the general public sphere, nor only for the obtuse presence of racism which continues to pervade what others still stubbornly deem a post-racial society. On top of these, I smoldered because of the continued currency of the black body as an object, not only of derision and false terror (hello, Mandingo myth), but of humor, even in and after death. Spurned by this, I took the preliminary steps to troll with a warped intention of “doing good.”…

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