Thoughts While Watching Sharknado

Last night I caved and watched Sharknado. All I can say is wow. It was one the WORST movies I’ve ever seen. But it was so ridiculously bad it was funny.  If you unfamiliar with the comedy  thriller, here’s the trailer.

Uh huh. Those were most of the good parts.

Without giving away too many spoilers, here are a few of my thoughts while watching Sharknado.

1. Why are all these sharks gathered in one area? There were probably thousands of sharks that just decided to attack beach goers at once. Just curious where they all came from.

2.  Hi Tara Reid! 

3. Can sharks even fit through a sewer system? Can they fit through drain pipes? How are they swimming through that?

4. Can sharks really tear you to shreds once they’re “beached?”

5. Can they tear you to shreds while they’re flying? 

6. Can sharks jump that high?

7.  Poor CGI sharks. I kinda hope they win.

8. Poor George.

9. If the Australian dies I’m changing the channel. 

10. How was that bus still afloat? Wouldn’t it have sunk?

11. Not sure how they lifted the bus with such ease.

12. WHY WOULD YOU THROW BOMBS INTO A TORNADO!?!? Blowing all those innocent sharks to bits in an attempt to equalize the water temperature or some crap?? What??

13. You can’t fly a helicopter into a tornado.

14. Chain saw cut a shark?

15. The Australian -___-. 

16. Who’s gonna clean up all those shark corpses? 

Well, there you have it folks. What did you think of Sharknado?

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