Snarkity Snark Snark

So it’s approximately 11:15. I’m tired. I’m grouchy. And the world hasn’t felt so right the last few days.

I didn’t have time to write a proper blog post, so I went back and looked through some old poems I have lying around. I did this one my senior year of high school for creative writing. I chuckled. Let me know if you chuckled too.

Three Words

There’s something I’ve been dying to ask you.

Honey, I’ve been dying to know.

Really, trust me, this is something I don’t usually do.

Every fiber of my being is against it.

Eventually we all have to face the truth.

Will you hate me?

Or will you laugh and smile?

Really hope you don’t think this is awful of me.

Don’t be mad.

So tell me, are you happy?

Talk to me!

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