The Worst Things EVER

It’s been a trying week sort of, so I decided to do something fun and funny.  There may be a couple more of these in the future because the world can suck sometimes. Anyway, enjoy!

Now with 50% more air!

Opening a bag of chips at the wrong end. Just AWFUL. AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL.

Poverty. I’m talking about any form. Whether you’re living underneath an overpass or looking for change in your couch cushions to buy food, being poor sucks. And not everyone who is poor is able to get government assistance. Can you believe it? Poor, but not poor enough.

People who Type Like This. Or lyke thiz. Am I supposed to take you seriously?

Paper cuts. For something so small, paper cuts feel like death, especially if alcohol touches it.

Nickelback. Someday we will look back and remember this band was Too Bad. (See what I did there?)


Reality TV. I admit it. I watch reality shows from time to time, but there’s no getting around that they’re ridiculously awful. And most are ridiculously unreal. Ironic eh?

Having to pee in the middle of the night. You’re cozy and comfortable and suddenly your bladder wants to explode. You don’t want to get up because it’s such a hassle. And you’re really comfortable. Plus, it’s probably too cold or too hot out there. But if you don’t get up and pee you’ll have to get up and change the sheets anyway. And that takes way more work.

When people talk to you when you have your head phones in. This is the universal do not disturb time.

When machines eat your change. I paid 1.25 for that soda. You better give it up or give me money back, machine.

Vegamite. Gross.

Nutella breaks my heart.

Nutella. Just as gross.

Three ring binders. I think the devil may have invented these. Maybe it’s just a left handed thing, but it’s impossible to write in these things. I always have to take the paper out and then shove it back in. And don’t drop it! if you do you have exploding papers everywhere.




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