Why Can’t I Talk to A Human?

Dear Major Corporations,

Why is so difficult to speak to a human?

I admit, your automated robotic services do their job most of the time. If I’m paying my bill or checking my account information, I don’t mind listening to Mr. or Mrs. Robot. If I have a simple problem, I don’t mind being referred to your website or following the automated instructions.However, there are times when things aren’t that simple. There are times when I NEED to speak to a real person and not a robot.

Can you please explain to me why that is so difficult? Is it really that irrational of a request?

I know it’s cheaper to automate your services. I also know that outsourcing your customer service to another country is also more cost-effective. However, both these practices have a way of alienating and infuriating customers. Sure, huge problems usually don’t arise, but when they do the customer at least wants to feel like someone has their back. Someone in a different country that doesn’t seem concerned with the problem and barely speaks my language and a website that provides zero help for people with specific, unusual problems makes the customer feel alone. When a customer feels alone or slighted, what do they do? Leave.

So major corporations, please, for the sake of your customers (and your bottom line), make human contact more accessible.


A Disgruntled Customer

3 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Talk to A Human?

  1. You have more patience than I do! I hate any robots on my phone calls…period! Thanks for sharing…


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