Hey ya’ll. Here’s a short story I wrote last week. Let me know what you think.


 “Are you serious Jess?” I asked as I stopped dead in my tracks. After shelling out a small fortune on rides, games and greasy food, we were finally leaving the fairgrounds. My body was covered in a thin film of sweat and I was exhausted. The last thing I wanted was to spend more time or money there, but Jess veered towards another tent. The sign in front read FORTUNES FROM THE FAMED MADAM FORTUNA.

Jess whipped around and frowned. She crossed her arms. “Yes, I’m serious Liz. It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t believe in fortune tellers. Besides, how do we know she’s any good? I never heard of her. Have you?”

“Well,no. ” Jess replied. “But that doesn’t mean she not any good. I wanna give it a try.”

I sighed in defeat.

Jess beamed at me and dragged me towards the tent. We stopped at the beaded entrance. Three other women exited. The woman in the middle cried while the others tried to comfort her.

“Come in ladies.” A gruff voice called.

In the middle of the tent sat the famed Madam Fortuna. She looked normal in a purple sundress, but her long black hair concealed part of her face. She motioned for us to sit. Jess took the seat in front of her. I sat in the corner and played Angry Birds.

After 15 minutes, Jess patted me on the leg. Unlike the women before us, Jess smiled. She must have liked the picture Madam Fortuna painted for her.

As we left the tent, Madam Fortuna called to me. “Young lady, I’m channeling something from you. May I see your hands?”

Reluctantly I walked back into the tent and held out my hands. Despite the heat, her hands felt like ice.

She smiled. “You are skeptical. Not just of my gift, but of life. They say skepticism is sadism for embittered souls.”

I rolled my eyes. “Are you gonna read my fortune or give me a lecture?”

“There is an evil presence in your life. Someone who causes you much pain. A boyfriend?” When I didn’t react, she kept fishing. “No, father. Definitely father. He hits you. Sometimes he touches you.”

I yanked my hands away and bolted towards the entrance. “You’re full of shit, lady.”

“There will be an accident and he will suffer. And you will be free.”  She called to me as I left.

Jess begged me to tell her what my fortune was so I made one up. She seemed satisfied with it and babbled about her fortune. Apparently, a rewarding career and true love were in her future. I did my best to laugh it off. After all, I didn’t believe in fortune tellers.

When we arrived at my house, a police car and ambulance were in the driveway. There was a massive carbon monoxide leak in the house. My mother escaped in time. My stepfather collapsed going down the stairs and broke his neck. It was fatal.

I was free.



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