Madness Update 10: The Best Laid Plans…

I know the original quote is the best schemes of mice and men oft go awry, but just let me have this one, okay?

After months of procrastinating, I was finally ready to choose a self publisher. After going back and forth a million times between Authorhouse and Outskirts Press, I was going to go with Authorhouse. They had a great 50% off deal and Madness was mistake free. Before I got rolling, I decided to do some more research on them. There were a lot of negative reviews, but I chalked some of them up to human error. You know, not reading the fine print. I also decided to ask Twitter about them. Turns out it wouldn’t have been a good move. After getting an answer and digging deeper, I found out people are suing the pants off of them. Bad reviews + lawsuits out the wazoo= a company I don’t want to trust with my book or my cash.

Panic struck. What the hell was I going to do?

I stumbled upon this website ( that provided a list of print on demand publishers.  After looking through the chart, I decided to checkout Virtual Bookworm.  Although they screen their manuscripts , they seem like a pretty solid and cool publisher, so I submitted my manuscript to them. I should know if they’re going to print it in a few weeks. Here’s to hoping they do!  

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