Restaurant Paranoia

Confession number #23569 (probably closer to 10, but just go with it): I like to go out to eat. A lot. McDonald’s. Wendy’s. Chili’s. Friendly’s. Chinese. Pizza/sub shops. Moe’s. Denny’s. I LOVE it all. But the thing about going out to eat frequently is the twinge of paranoia/shame you feel with going to  places consistently.


Don’t get me wrong. Being a “regular” has its perks sometimes, especially if it’s a local business. My favorite pizza shop in Jersey is awesome to me and my family when we order food from there or eat there.  My cheese fries are always super cheesy and or sandwiches extremely meaty. Sometimes we even get deals. I remember one time I didn’t have enough money to pay and the guy working the register told me to pay the rest of the bill the next time I came in. (I did of course).

But when you go to places like McDonald’s or Moe’s a lot, you kind of wonder if the employees are judging you for being there so much.  Do they know what you’re going to order? Are they judging you for ordering so much food if you come in alone? Do they think you’re going to eat it all at once? Do they get together with their coworkers and snicker behind your back?

Sit down restaurants provide an even higher level of paranoia. Are the wait staff judging you or pitying you if you eat alone? Do they take note of whoever your eating with and judge you if you come in with a parade of different people? Are they judging your meal choices or your outfit? Are they concerned about you having three cokes during the course of your meal? The list is endless.

Do you suffer from restaurant paranoia or do you just not give a damn? Let’s talk about it in the comments below! 

***This post was inspired by Daevone Molyneux. You should follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook. While you’re at like me on Facebook! Thanks for reading.***

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Paranoia

  1. Great post once again. I admittedly get a bit paranoid when I go to the same place more often than I should. Sometimes it really freaks me out when I see an employee or two watching me, out of the corner of my eye. But I try to ignore them, and it usually works. You know, when the food is made from the dreams of angels and the laughter of baby elves, it’s hard to focus on much else. Thanks for the kind mention and once again, great post.

  2. Depends on the restaurant. If it were a fast food joint I’d not give a damn. In fact, I eat there with some regularity when I’m killing time between meetings. I eat and check my iPad or the newspaper or something like that.

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