Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Hey you, procrastinator you. It’s Halloween and you don’t have anything to wear. Or so you thought! Here are cheap and easy last-minute costume ideas. This is for both guys and girls!

Serial killer: Serial killers look like everyone else so you can just wear normal clothes. If you want to be creative, add some fake blood (you can use paint or make own). If you want to be even more creative, tape boxes of cereal to yourself and insert plastic knives into them.

Lady Gaga: Throw on some random clothes and accessories and wallah.  You’ll be an instant pop and fashion icon.

FBI Agent/Men in Black/Blues Brothers: If you have a suit, throw it on. Pair it with shades and you are instant FBI or MBI agent or Blues Brother. You can even be all three if you want!

Zombie: All you need is to mess up your hair and clothes a bit, a bit of makeup, and fake blood. Then enjoy the brains of your victim.

A Witch: Despite what the Halloween stores try to tell you, it’s not very difficult to dress up a witch. All you need is a little black dress. If you want to be more creative, buy a witch hat. You can also carry around a broom with you.

A Mummy: Wrap yourself in gauze or strips from a bed sheet and you’re an instant mommy.

A Ghost: Take a cue from Charlie Brown. Poke holes in a bed sheet and you’re a ghost.

An Athlete: If you have ever played sports before for a team, throw on your uniform. You could also pair it with the jersey of a famous athlete as well.

A Hunter: If you have any cammo, pair it with a fake bow or rifle and you’re all set.

Murder Victim: All you need is fake blood an a little makeup. If you want to be creative, mess up your clothes and hair.

Jason Voorhees: Put on a really dirty looking sweater, pants, and t-shirt. Add a hockey mask and you’re all set.

A vampire: All you need is a fake pair of fangs to make any outfit you wear into a vampire costume.

Happy Halloween! Be safe and have fun!

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