What Grinds My Gears

The first post of 2014! Hope you like! This post was requested by Daevone M who was one of the weekly winners during 25 Days of Trivia.

Without further ado, here are a few things that grind my gears.

You know what really grinds my gears? 

When people bother me when I’m writing. The moment I start working on something, people bother me. Get this get, get that. Text me, call me. Let’s talk. No. I is busy. Do you know how long it took me to get started??? Go away!

Using text talk in real life. If you say lol in real life, you need a good punch in the face.

Scraping noises. I HATE the sound of scraping. Nails on a chalk board, scraping plates, scraping metal. Awful. Please don’t scrape anything around me.

Waiting weeks for new episodes of shows. The show is already recorded! Why can’t you play the episodes every week like you’re supposed to??? I’m looking at you American Horror Story!

People who take their fandoms too seriously. We get it. You love Game of Thrones and Doctor Who and if you could, you would transport yourself to whatever land they’re from and live happily ever after. But it isn’t worth insulting people or getting into fights over. Just because you think it’s the greatest show/book/movie/game on Earth doesn’t mean everyone else has too.

Crying. I hate when I cry. Makes me feel weak.

Feelings. Samesies.  

Sexism/Racism. Women and people of color are allowed to occupy the same space as you and entitled to do the same things as you. Get over it.

Not having the option to talk to a person. Companies like Yahoo! that have completely automated their customer service drive me up the wall. Sometimes my problem can’t be solved by a robot. Sometimes I need to talk it out with a person.

Spam. No, I don’t want to enlarge my penis or screw horny housewives. I don’t want your cheap prescriptions either. I’m a lady.

Macklemore. He’s just got one of those faces you want to punch. He seems so…self righteous. Ugh.

Super Liberals AND super conservatives. I’m pretty liberal myself, but I don’t agree with EVERY liberal thought thrown at me. Honestly, I think in order to be a well rounded, reasonable person you need to be somewhere in between and not fall into the trap of staying within party lines.

Pandora ads. I don’t want to buy a car from the local dealership, I don’t care about roofing and siding or continuing my education at one of the colleges advertised on TV. I just want to listen to my music. Please?

Well, there you have it. There are more things that grind my gears, but this will do for now. Do these things grind your gears too?


10 thoughts on “What Grinds My Gears

  1. I side with you specifically on the writing issue: it seems like people like to bother me more when I’m actually writing instead of when I’m not. Excuse me, I’m actually trying to be productive here. Amazing list.

  2. That Twilight room… O_O

    I agree with everything you wrote.

    But especially the “text speech in real life” thing. DON’T ACTUALLY SAY “BRB” TO MY FACE OH MY GOD.

  3. Hubby tends to stare at me when I’m writing 🙂 VERY distracting!! And I agree with the Pandora ads…I’m a teacher and often put Pandora on in the background for the kids…classical music or something instrumental when they’re writing. The ads really interrupt the flow.

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