The Benefits of Remakes

This post is for 25 days of trivia weekly winner Anthony W. Enjoy! 

The latest trend in Hollywood is remaking and rebooting movies. Although there have been some wonderful adaptations of films like True Grit, there have been awful ones like Nightmare on Elm Street. No matter what your opinion is on the matter, remakes do have benefits for the people who make the films and the people who watch them.  

How Remakes Benefit Hollywood 

There’s already a track record of success. In theory if a film was successful in the past, it can be successful again. This minimizes risks and maximizes profits.

It’s quicker, cheaper and easier. Although everything has been done before, coming up with an original concept and screenplay can take a while. So can development. Because film makers working on a remake already have a screenplay and material to work with, development can be simpler.

How Remakes Benefit Fans and Moviegoers

Remakes refresh the story. If a film was release 20 or more years ago, it may be completely removed from pop culture. With new advances in technology and film making techniques, an old movie can be made relevant and give it new life.

Remakes introduce the original film to new audiences. Again, a movie may be so far removed from pop culture that it’s forgotten. Remakes allow new generations and audiences to view it. Fans of the original may compare it to the remake or share and discuss the original film. People who are curious may also check out the original film.

For example, did you know The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a remake? Now you do.

They create discussion. Die hard fans of original films often raise Hell when their favorite film is remade. Because they’re talking about the original film it creates buzz for it.

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Remakes

  1. You don’t really hear the positives about Hollywood’s re-make addiction. Despite all of these good reasons for remaking films, it does become tiresome to audiences who are constantly chanting “Hollywood has run out of ideas!”

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