Call For Submissions – “Too Much: An Anthology About Excess”

Remember that time you had too much fun? Wanna tell someone about it! Here’s your chance!

Out Where the Buses Don't Run

We’ve all got stories of overindulgence. Yeah, everyone. Don’t kid yourself. Everyone’s got a story of a time, or a lifetime, when if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

That time you ate your weight in barbecue pork.

Too much time on Facebook or Twitter. Like days on Facebook or Twitter.

That morning you decided to run a few miles more, and your feet were blistered, and your nipples bled. (Okay, sorry for the visual)

That weekend in Vegas, full of hookers and blow and duct tape and..

Actually, fuck your Vegas story. Everyone’s got a Vegas story. Got a different story of excess, involving a weekend full of hookers and blow and duct tape…at the Vatican?

Interested in telling your tale of excess? Then read on. My compadre Bud Smith and Unknown Press want to read your stories.

Call For Submissions: Too Much: An Anthology About Excess

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