The Greatest Thing Vin Diesel Ever Did For The Internet

I DID have a nice, structured blog post for you guys but it was awful. So awful in fact, that I deleted any evidence of its existence.

But that’s okay because what I’m about to show you is way better anyway!!!

Confession #12347 (more like 11. I should keep better track of these.): I LOVE Vin Diesel. I don’t care what anyone says. I think he’s fantastic person and he’s gorgeous. If I were ever to be 50 feet away from him, I think my ovaries would explode.

Anyway, he posted the most adorable video of himself lip syncing/dancing to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse and Beyonce’s Drunk on Love. A lot of men are giving him shit for it, but I think it’s adorable. Just look at it!!!

I know I’m totally fan girling now, but come on. You gotta admit it’s endearing. Look at him shuffling around and singing off-key. Congrats Vin Diesel. You have won the internet and my heart.

What do you guys think? Stupid or awesome?

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