10 Signs A Friendship Is Over

Maintaining friendships can be difficult, especially if you have been friends for awhile. While it’s easy to recognize when a romantic relationship has run its course, it is more difficult to tell with a friendship. Most people don’t hold friendships to the same standards they do romantic relationships. Most people think friendships should last forever, but that’s not always the case. Here are a few signs your friendship is in trouble or has run it’s course.  

Your friendship is one sided. Do you always have to make plans or initiate contact? Does your friend? If all the effort put into the friendship is one sided, is it really a friendship? Addressing this with your friend could help turn things around.

You’re frequently arguing. Friends fight all the time. However, if you find yourselves arguing more than connecting, there may be a problem. Take note of what causes the arguments. Many arguments stem from hurt feelings, miscommunication and past wrong doings. Sometimes they result from just simply drifting apart. Whatever the reason, talking it out with your friend could repair your friendship.

 You’re overly critical of each other. Friends are supposed to call each other out on their bullshit. However, there’s a difference between offering constructive criticism and being demeaning. No one is perfect. If you can’t accept each other’s faults or be understanding when they make a mistake, then it’s probably time to walk away.

You can’t be yourselves around each other anymore. This ties into the previous point about being overly critical of each other. No one is perfect. No one is the same. If you find yourself having to change who you are or what you say around a friend (especially when it was fine before), there’s a problem.

Constant misunderstandings. Misunderstandings are a sign that you and your friend aren’t communicating properly. If you guys are constantly forgetting about plans or hurting each other’s feelings, there may be a communication problem. If this is frequent and neither of you are willing to change your communication habits, then it may be a sign your friendship is over.

Hanging out isn’t fun. Dreading hanging out is a huge sign that your friendship is over. If you’re no longer laughing, smiling, or enjoying your time together, then what’s the point?

You don’t spend any time together. Sometimes work, family or other obligations force you and your friend to not spend as much as time together. However, a true friend will at least put in the effort to call, text, email, or chat with you when you’re unable to hang out. If neither of you put in the effort, then your friendship won’t last.

You treat each other like shit. If you guys don’t treat each other with kindness and respect, you don’t need to be friends.

You’re not there for each other. Just like any other healthy relationship, friends should be there for each other in times of need. Whether it’s emotional or physical support, a real friend will try to help you. With that being said, neither of you should expect your friend to drop everything or give you something they don’t have at all times. Sometimes a friend is unable to lend support, no matter how much they want to. However, if you or your friend are in the position to help and support each other but don’t, your friendship isn’t going to last.

Someone’s being used. Does your friend only contact you when they need something? Do they ever help you out when you’re in need? How about vice versa? Unfortunately, this isn’t a friendship. It’s a sponsorship.

What are some other signs a friendship is over? Why do you think we tend to hold onto dead friendships? Let me know in the comments!

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