Ten More Shortened Words You Should Stop Using

Abbreviating words can save time and make you sound cool, but if you’re not careful they can make you sound stupid. Last year I wrote a post featuring ten shortened words you should stop using. Here are some more words that you should erase from your vocabulary.

10. Popo 

Short for: Police

Example: The popo showed up as soon as we got to the party.

When people say “popo” I automatically think of Mr.Popo. However, since the Z fighters have yet to realize how awesome I am (and most adults aren’t Dragonball Z nerds like I am) I have no choice but to believe they mean the police. You won’t hear a lot of younger people say it. Mostly older people do. You should still stop saying it because it sounds silly. And brings out my inner nerd.

9. Feels

Short for: Feelings

Example: That video of the dog seeing his owner for the first time in two years gave me so many feels!

Why is it so hard to just say whatever emotion we experienced? If you feel sad, say it! Touched? Say it! Even if you don’t want to use that specific emotion you felt, you can just say feelings.

8. Dif

Short for: difference/different

Example: What’s the dif between the Green Lantern and the Green Hornet?

Dif is only a syllable shorter than difference or different. It doesn’t sound right in a sentence either. What’s the dif could mean anything, really.

7. Vag

Short for: Vagina

Example: I nicked my vag while shaving this morning.

Vag is another word that just sounds gross. It  sounds like it could be a disgusting green juice instead of lady bits. Besides there’s a million other euphemisms for vagina that sound way better than vag. Use one of those instead.

6. Preggers

Short for: pregnant

Example: After months of trying, June and George finally got preggers.

While we’re at it, can we stop saying Prego as well. It’s a sauce not a medical condition. Pregnant and preggers are the same amount of syllables so it’s not really saving anyone time.

5. Sitch

Short for: situation

Example: It became awkward sitch when Jason’s ex-girlfriend walked in on him and his current girlfriend making out in the bedroom.

Yeah it’s four syllables shorter than situation, but it just sounds bad.

4. Adorbs

Short for: Adorable

Example: Puppies are more adborbs than kittens.

There is nothing adorable about the word adorbs. Unless you’re a twelve year old girl with posters from tween magazines on your walls, then this word should never cross your lips.

3. Obvi

Short for: Obviously/obvious

Example: If people talk bad about you, obvi they are jealous of you.

Obvi is two syllables shorter than obviously and a syllable shorter than obvious. Although it may be shorter, it doesn’t sound right. It sounds more like a house elf or space creature.

2. Amazeballs

Short for: amazing

Example: This pizza is amazeballs!

I’m not even sure how this came to be. What’s wrong with just saying amazing? And what kind of balls are we talking about? Footballs, basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, scrotum balls?  Either way that’s just kind of weird. And gross. Very gross.


Short for: You only live once

Example: I know I’m grounded, but I snuck out anyway to go to Jonathan’s party. YOLO.

YOLO is this generation’s answer to carpe diem except it’s not as uplifting or motivating. Thanks to Drake, we have a bunch of idiots running around using this phrase as an excuse to do stupid and reckless things. “I’m gonna get drunk and black out! YOLO!” “I’m going to have unprotected sex with this guy because YOLO!” That’s not really living. That’s just being stupid and gambling with your life.

Are there any other phrases or words that get under your skin? Let me know in the comments! 

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