Porcelain Doll Song

Porcelain Doll Song

It is never enough to be smart and witty.


You must be elegant and pretty.

You must smile wide and bat your eyes.

You should be confident.

But try not to show too much pride.

Show you can be mild mannered and meek.

But be aggressive and assertive,

so they don’t consider you weak.

It is never enough to be talented and true.


It is best to be a lesser you.

Don’t shine so bright like the diamond you are.

Hold back a little.

Let others be the star.

Hide who you are with perfume and lace.

You stink and you’re ugly.

Cake a pound of makeup on your face.

Do your best to be the status quo.

Mediocrity is encouraged.

Overachievers are hated, you know?

It is never enough to be who you are.


You must be what others think you are.

Pretty girls must be plastic dolls.

No intelligence.

Their minds filled with deals at the mall.

Plain Janes must have good hearts.

They must be sweet.

Forced to be kind and smart.

Tomboys must be tamed like the shrew.

They must grow out of the phase,

or they’ll become attracted to women too.

Enough will never be enough.

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