Awesome List II

Welcome to the second edition of The Awesome List! Every month I’ll share some things that I found awesome. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite things from March.

Space Dandy: Space Dandy has been on Toonami since January, but it’s still worth mentioning! It’s becoming one of my favorite anime’s. I like Space Dandy because the show is absurd and touching at the same time. It’s hilarious and campy, but can be serious and heartfelt. It breaks the fourth wall all the time. The visuals and colors are amazing. If you haven’t checked it out already, you can find it online or watch it on Toonami Saturdays at 11:30 pm.

Blue Exorcist: Blue Exorcist is another anime I’ve gotten into. The plot is really intriguing and the characters are pretty cool. It’s really heavy stuff, but I love how they add humor to help lighten the mood. I actually laughed out loud a few times. You can catch Blue Exorcist on Toonami Saturday night/Sunday morning  at 1:30.

Tapped Out: It’s kind of like The Sims, but with characters from the Simpson’s. It’s pretty fun. Haven’t gotten bored yet.

The Author’s Show: The Author’s Show is an online program that allows authors to promote themselves and their novels.  I went on the Author’s Show earlier this month and it was such an awesome experience! The host, Don, was extremely professional and patient with me since it was my first interview ever. I would definitely recommend requesting to be interviewed on the show.

To learn more about the show and to listen to other great authors talk about their books, go here! My interview can be found in the archives or you can go on the Where You Can Find Me page of this blog to listen to it. 

The Paradigm Shift: The Paradigm Shift is Korn’s latest album. I caved and bought it after falling in love with their single Spike in My Veins. Although it kind of falls apart towards the end, I think it’s a really great album. It’s heavy and hard-hitting and Jonathan Davis has really improved as a vocalist. It reminds me of Korn’s glory days.

Reddit: I LOVE Reddit. I can’t say enough good things about it. At first it was a little rough to navigate/understand (at times it still is) but it’s still a really fun place to be and share ideas/experiences/likes/dislikes with other people.

Rothbury Cheese Garlic Croutons: These are the most delicious croutons I have ever tasted. They don’t even have to be in the salad. Eat em like chips!

Oriental Trading Company: I threw myself a book signing party the 15th and brought a lot of my decorations and party favors from here. Most of the products I purchased were in good condition,but just as a fair warning be sure to read the product reviews. The personalized shot glasses I ordered didn’t come with the personalized stickers I needed. A lot of them were also stuck together when I tried to pull them apart and decorate them. The reviews said they weren’t that great, but I got them anyway. Everything else I ordered was perfect though. Go here if you want to check them out!

Spring: Spring is finally here! I don’t know how longer I could deal with the snow and cold weather. I know that temperatures aren’t going to get better overnight, but just knowing that relief is on the way makes me smile.

That’s it for now folks! What things did you find awesome this month? Is there anything awesome that you want the readers to know about? Let me know in the comments and you may see it on next month’s list.

2 thoughts on “Awesome List II

  1. I love these lists you do! Spring is definitely number 1 for me 🙂 I like the look of those garlic croutons, must keep an eye out for those next time I’m in the supermarket lol x

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