Happy Birthday Blog!

Over the weekend the blog turned 3 years old. Can you believe it? I hardly can. In honor of this blog being around for 3 years, I decided to look at back at some of the most popular (and least popular) posts featured here. Enjoy!

The Most Popular Posts

Emotional/Verbal Abuse is STILL abuse: As the title suggests, this post focused on verbal and emotional abuse. Just like physical abuse, the goal of emotional abuse to assert dominance and power over the victim. Just because you’re not getting hit, doesn’t mean you aren’t being abused.

Why Don’t Trust Me? Overcoming Trust Issues: If memory serves me correctly, this was a request. This post addresses common signs of having trust issues and how you and your partner can overcome them.

Obsessive Ex Syndrome: When an ex won’t let go of the relationship and starts to become a threat/danger to you, they may have obsessive ex syndrome.

The Cycle of Abuse: This post addresses how men and women become entrapped in abusive relationships.

The Origins of Easter: I’m surprised how big of a hit this one became. This post gives a little background on the biblical and non biblical versions of the holiday.

The Least Popular Posts 

New Posts Coming Soon: Understandable why this one wasn’t very popular.

Day 28:What I’m Looking Forward to: This part of the 31 Day Blog Challenge I did. I guess it wasn’t so popular because I gave a cheesy, beauty pageant answer.

12 Things No One Told Me About Sex after Rape: This was a reblog from Thought Catalog. It was a great article. I’m not sure why it didn’t get more views.

Male/Female Friendships Help End Rape: This was a reblog from BroadBlogs. Again, no idea why this didn’t get more views. It was a great article and very well written.

Day 19: What do I collect: I don’t really collect anything. So yeah. I bumbled my way through this one.

Thanks for reading and supporting me throughout the years guys! Without you this blog wouldn’t be possible!

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