Ten Ways To Help Reduce Stress

Let’s face it. We live in stressful times. There are millions of things to focus on such as work, school, family, friends, the economy and war. It can be overwhelming at times. While using long term coping strategies are the most effective way to combat stress, sometimes you just need a quick fix. Here are ten things you can do help reduce stress now and in the future.

Mediate: In this fast paced world, it’s difficult to  focus on one task or sit still. Meditating allows you to do that. Generally meditating takes 15-30 minutes, but you can mediate for shorter or longer periods. All you have to do is focus on your breathing or let your thoughts run free. There are also guided meditations online you can use to help you along.

Yoga: Yoga combines exercise, meditation, and breathing exercises which are designed to help melt stress away. In addition to becoming stress free, you’ll become more flexible.

Exercise: Exercising is supposed to cause an endorphin rush which reduces stress. It will also help you become healthier.

Unplug from the world: Although the internet and cell phones provide us ways to communicate quickly, they can cause a lot of stress. Because we’re so readily accessible, it can be hard to take out time for ourselves and relax. Shut off your phone, step away from the internet and take time for yourself.

Get a massage: We tend to carry a lot of tension without in our bodies. Getting massages help loosen muscles, reduce pain, and increase circulation.

Take a deep breath: Deep breaths are supposed to lower cortisol  levels and cause a temporary drop in blood pressure. Both of these things help reduce stress levels.

Listen to music: Have you ever felt angry and stressed out then turned on your favorite song? Didn’t your worries seems to fade away? Turns out, music is an awesome way to help reduce stress and improve your mood. Studies show that music can trigger biochemical stress reducers.

Drink tea: There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot cop of tea. Just make sure it isn’t too high in caffeine or sugar.

Laugh it off: They weren’t kidding when they said laughter is the best medicine. Laughter helps alleviate stress by reducing its physical effects.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep: Getting the right amount of sleep can be an enormous help when it comes to reducing stress. Not enough sleep can cause you to feel irritable and fatigued, while too much sleep can make you feel sluggish and depressed. The goal is to sleep enough to feel rested, but primed for the day.

4 thoughts on “Ten Ways To Help Reduce Stress

  1. The image made me laugh so much, it’s exactly what I look like some days! Before I’ve had my tea that is, of course lol 😉 I’m with you on these things, I think I’d be certified insane without yoga and running. Nice post! x

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