A Letter From The Past

Back in high school we had to write a letter to our future selves in creative writing class. I got it late last year and it was really cool to see and read. I stumbled on it again as I was cleaning out my files and figured I’d share it with all of you. I have changed some of the names to protect people and their privacy.

Dear Future Self,          

Greetings from the past! I know a lot has probably changed since your senior year of high school (except you’re probably still almost a midget). You’ve probably experienced so many changes that high school seems like a distant memory. You probably barely remember me at this point, but there were plenty of things and people to remember from back in the day. Remember pushing’s M’s quad back into his garage that morning at his house? Remember the choir trip to Universal? Remember waving to Tom wildly in the hallway? Remember having choir class with Mo, T and B junior year and then M, J, E and C senior year? Remember Cabaret night and Prom. Those were all good times, but you should remember some of the bad too. I don’t have to remind you of that because it’s human nature to harbor the negative and forget the positive. I hope this has bought a smile to your face because in a little bit this letter is going to get heavy (I’m writing this while sleepy. You know how it is.) 

 I don’t know what the future will hold you. Hopefully you’ll be in college chasing your dreams and doing well. Hopefully you’ll be happy. Hopefully you’ll have a great guy by your side holding you down. (If you’re back with **** and he’s around smack him for me). If not, that’s ok too. If you’re not happy, don’t worry. Happiness is a state of mind. It’ll come. If you don’t have a great guy around, don’t worry about it. You don’t need a boy to survive; you’ve gotten through so much without one. The right one will come and he won’t ever break your heart because he’ll care about you that much. Just keep on working hard in college and chasing your dreams. Do you because in the end that’s all you got.

I know you’ve learned a lot, and probably even more since this is way way way in the future, but here are a few things you might need to know/remember. And you better listen, or else miss. As senior year proved, you need to do what makes you happy and not worry about anyone else’s feelings. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that one. =| You never exactly knew where the line is, but now you do. Keep it that way, don’t forget where it is, and be sure to enforce that it isn’t crossed. Again, I don’t need to elaborate. =| Never feel bad about anything you’ve done because usually you try your best.  Be careful of who you trust and don’t lean on one person too much. Never let anger get the best of you or stoop down to anyone else’s level. You’re too good for that. All things (good and bad) come to an end so don’t stress over it. I’m probably forgetting some stuff, but eh. This should have been helpful enough.

I don’t know who you are or what you’ve become but I have faith that everything turned out alright for you. You may be weathering a storm right now, but you can make it. You’re strong, you’re beautiful, and you’re amazing. You’re a beautiful butterfly. You’re sunshine on a cloudy day. Don’t let small, stupid, stressors stop your shine. I have faith in you. I know you’ll be everything we’ve ever hoped you could be. Take care.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Love Always,


I really liked this letter because I remembered all those things and the girl that wrote them. She was a little awkward, but brave. She was smart, but a little naive and overly empathetic. Sure, she was a little jaded but the optimism and determination over powered that. Although I’m a different person now, I still see parts of her in me. Things have changed, especially me, but at the core I think we’re the same.

Although I’m not in college or a psychologist, I think she would be proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’ve published a book, we’ve done interviews and had short stories published. We’ve met amazing people and broke out of our shell a little. Even when times are tough, we still keep the hope that everything will turn around.

This girl was wise beyond her years and I’m glad that things are working out for her.

4 thoughts on “A Letter From The Past

  1. This is yet another amazing post. I couldn’t help but smile while reading your letter and thinking about how different I was a few years ago. I think you should write another letter to your future self and see how much you’ve changed by the time you open it. I’m still smiling at the letter. It’s so well-written and the voice is so clear that I can imagine the person who wrote it. Absolutely incredible.

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