The Reason

Hey guys! Sorry to be posting so late. I’ve been trying to catch on some writing but I hurt my arm which makes typing a bit of a pain right now. Hopefully I’ll be back to doing more proper/informational posts next week. I just need to catch up on a few things and rest my arm, but there will be poems for you guys. In the meantime, check out this profile I did for Twenty Somethings Blog! Thanks and enjoy the poem!

The Reason

All our lives we search for meaning.

Who are we?

Why are we here?


We want to have a higher purpose.

Who wants to take up space?

Who wants to live a hallowed existence?


Who wants to feel pain without pleasure?

Who wants to hate without ever having loved?

Who wants to frown when they’ve smiled for so long?


What’s the point of living without an end goal?

We need a destiny.

A destination.


Maybe there is no rhyme or reason.

Maybe we are some higher power’s SIMS.

Maybe we are an alien species reality show.


Perhaps we are characters in a novel.

Our lives each a separate tale in an anthology.

Maybe the world is a library.


Maybe life is a zoo.

Maybe we’re all on exhibit.

Maybe we’re a science project.


Or maybe we are destined to find our own adventure.

To create legacies and worlds.

To become something greater than what we are now.


Whatever the reason, we’re here.

Might as well make the best of it.

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