Ten Things To Hate About Facebook

Facebook is a necessary evil. It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and relatives that you don’t see or hear from very often. It’s also a great way to connect with new people. However, Facebook isn’t without its faults. Although there are lots of annoying things about Facebook, here are ten things that drive me nuts about the site.

Game Invites: Legend has it a narwhal dies every time someone sends an unwanted game request so stop it you uncaring bastards! Seriously though, game requests can be extremely annoying, especially when you don’t play that game. You think people would get the hint you don’t want to play those stupid Farmville, casino, Bust-a-move wannabe games after ignoring them the first hundred times. Just stop and let me play Candy Crush and Papa Pear Saga in peace!

An Ever Changing Interface: Change can be a good thing, but I’m a firm believer that if something isn’t broken you shouldn’t try to fix it. Facebook has done the opposite. The site has changed its layout so many times it’s hard to keep track. Although some of the new features have been well received, most of them have been met with anger. And just when you get used to the new interface, it changes again!

No Dislike Button: Facebook has changed the layout a million times but it can’t add a dislike button? C’mon.

Over sharing: We all have that friend or retaliative that likes to share every facet of their life on Facebook. They tell you what they ate for breakfast, what they did today, and how many times they had sex. In detail. It’s cool if you want to share things with others, but choose wisely. No one cares how amazing your waffles tasted or how awesome the sex was. Okay, maybe I do care about how amazing the waffles are.

Overly Happy Couples: This couple is so in love and sickeningly sweet to each other. You’re happy they’re happy, but you can’t help feeling like a voyeur. And a little bitter if you’re single.

Overly Angry Couples: This couple is entertaining, yet terrifying. They fight all the time. If they’re not positing passive aggressive statues and memes, they’re having a war all over your news feed. You’re stuck feeling like a voyeur. Sometimes you even find yourself choosing a side and wishing they would just break up already.

Conspiracy Theories: Conspiracy theories can be fun and factual, but most are just bullshit. Before you believe and share any of these theories, do your own research. Check the source and your facts.

Political Posts: There’s an old adage that advises never to talk about religion or politics. Most people don’t heed that advice on Facebook. Everyone’s entitled to their beliefs, but outside of election season, does it really matter what political affiliation anyone is? Most people don’t care if you like the President or not or agree or disagree with same-sex marriage laws. Just let it ride and if you need to vent, talk to your like-minded friends about it.

Fake News Stories: The internet is crawling with fake news stories and satire. Still, people take it as fact and share it on Facebook. Before you know it, everyone is spreading the misinformation. If something seems off or too strange to be true, it probably is. You can always do a fact check yourself or use snopes.com. Trust me. I’m from the internet.

Religious (and Anti-Religious) Posts: I think the reason most religious zealots and anti-religious folks don’t get along very well is because they’re so much alike. Both ends of the spectrum are so closed-minded that they can’t see past their own views. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. That “like if you love Jesus” or “God is a lie” post isn’t going to change any hearts or minds so cut it out.

What annoys you about Facebook? Let’s bitch about it in the comment section!

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