Ten Great Movements From True Blood

June 22 marks the beginning of the end for True Blood. Although the show has had its ups and downs, it’s still sad that it’s ending. In honor of season 7, I’ve decided to look back at some of my favorite moments from the series!

Franklin sends a text: Franklin Mott was batshit crazy, but that was part of his appeal. With gleeful and childlike abandon, he showed off  how quickly he could text the word motherfucker. It was pretty impressive, especially since it was on a flip phone that probably just had T9 texting capabilities.

Bill and Sookie’s first kiss: The sexual tension in this scene is incredible. Bill running his hands through Sookie’s hair, nuzzling her neck, longing gazes. You couldn’t help but want them to hurry up and kiss already!

Eric releases Pam: This scene is extremely sad, yet beautiful. It’s touching how much Eric and Pam care for each other and what they will do to protect each other. If this scene doesn’t make you cry or at least teary eyed, then your heart is made of stone.

Godric meets the sun: This scene makes me cry every time. Godric was such a sad and gentle soul. The joy and relief on his face when he meets the sun is beautiful. It was a fitting and beautiful death for the wise vampire. RIP.

Russell Edgington will eat you: Hands down the best villain on True Blood so far. The moment that sold it was when he ripped out a newscaster’s spine to give his own special report.

Aids burger: This scene is what convinced me to finally start watching True Blood. It also cemented Lafayette as my favorite character. Being a gay cook in a redneck, backwoods bar probably isn’t easy, but Lafayette handles it with grace and pride. It was great to see him put those homophobic assholes in their place.

Eric stakes Talbot: You can’t help but envy Talbot as Eric slowly strips for him. But then the envy turns to pity when he gets staked from behind. And not in a good way.

Jessica bites Hoyt: After several agonizing episodes of Jessica and Hoyt being apart, they finally make up and become a couple again. Although Jessica is hesitant to become his girlfriend again because she’s a vampire, Hoyt still loves her and wants to be with her. He even offers himself to her. If that’s not love, I don’t know what else is.

Jason/Warlow wet dream: Although this scene is supposed to be erotic, it’s funny. I laughed out loud at Jason’s reaction when he woke up and his awkwardness about the situation at hand. Despite the laughs, you couldn’t help but wish the dream didn’t end just as it was getting good.

Kitchen scene: Apparently this scene was improvised, but it’s so funny. Sookie looks mortified as her coworkers talked dirty. It made Merlotte’s seem like a fun place to work. Until the waitresses started dropping dead of course. Perhaps you should put in an application for Fangtasia instead.

BONUS: Those abs doe: How could I do a post about True Blood without mentioning how sexxxy the cast is? Almost everyone (guy and girl) is smoking hot. Despite the blood and guts (and occasional absurdity) in the show, the eye candy makes things a little easier to stomach.

What were your favorite moments from True Blood? Are excited for season 7? Let me know in the comment section!

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