Awesome List V

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Awesome List. If you’re new here, the Awesome List is where I list all the awesome things about June. Let’s get to it!

Quoll Writer: In the past I’ve been resistant to using writing software but Quoll Writer changed that. I found out about this nifty little writing app through Reddit. Like Scrivener, Quoll Writer allows you to dump your writing in one place. You can keep notes, collect research, outline and organize your writing. It’s a great organizational tool and it’s been a big help to keeping all my facts straight in my work in progress Bully.I also enjoy the achievement unlock feature. My favorite thing about it is it’s free! To check it out and download it, go here.

True Blood: True Blood started it’s seventh and final season on June 22. It’s sad when your favorite show takes its final lap, but its legacy will live on. #Truetotheend.

Robot Unicorn Attack: After listening to Erasure, I HAD to play the game that introduced me to them. And let’s be honest. There’s nothing better than destroying stars and galloping along magical landscape with a robot unicorn.

Kermit the Frog memes: I can’t get enough of these!!!! They’re so funny.




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