Late Night Chat

Hello readers!

It’s about 11:45 here in Jersey and by the time I finish writing this, it will be well after midnight. I had another topic in mind to post about today, but some things happened and writing had to take a backseat. I apologize, but nonetheless I’m here to provide you guys with a post. Even if it is late and a random stream of consciousness and updates.

If you don’t like these posts, I apologize. Thems just the breaks, kids.

Writing wise, there’s been a lot going on. I haven’t much luck getting anything published since that poem I wrote for The Orange Zine. In the last month or so I’ve gotten two rejections and another publication I submitted to is going on an indefinite hiatus. Rejection sucks, but it’s a huge part of being a writer. The key is to submit pieces that best suit the publication. In the case of my rejections, I think the subject matter was off from what they were looking for. In the future I’m going to have to be more mindful of where I plan to submit and tailor my work to what they’re looking for. I’m keeping that in mind for these next rounds of submissions. Plus, I plan on resubmitting the rejected pieces to other publications and see how they fare.

I have a new list of publications and anthology series I want to submit to. I’ll probably post the list on here so any fellow writers that read here can get in on it. I like to share the wealth. I wouldn’t know about half of these opportunities if it wasn’t for the Reddit writing community.

Other than gathering ideas for new short stories, I’m doing my best to keep progress going on the new novel, Bully. In the near future, you’ll see more posts about it just like when I was editing Madness. These posts will probably focus more on the writing process and maybe solicit reader participation. I’m really excited about it and I want you guys to get excited about it too!

Not too much has been going on in my personal life. At least nothing interesting and nothing that I’d really care to share. I know, I know. What’s the point in having a blog if you can’t dish about your personal life? Meh. I would be cool with it, but there’s nothing to dish about. Sorry I’ve been boring, pouring all my blood into writing.

It’s just a minor thing and I’m a minor queen king. Guess what song that’s from!

Anyway, folks I think that will do it for our late night chat. See ya on Monday!


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