I Don’t Wanna

Can I be honest with you guys? (Of course, I can. I run this joint.) Do you know what the last thing I want to be doing right now is?


Yep. As much as I enjoy crafting stories and posts and making you guys feel inspired, laugh or enlightened, I just don’t fucking feel like writing  right now. Not a novel, short story, poem, stanza, paragraph, line or sentence. Not even a single word. Just THINKING about how much I don’t want to be doing this at all enrages me. Yet here I am, doing the very thing that I’d rather not be doing right now. And it sucks. You have no idea how resentful I’m feeling about all of this writing business right now. So resentful and unmotivated in fact, that I’ve come with a list of things I’d rather be doing right now instead like:

  • Get my wisdom teeth pulled.
  • Eat ALL the ice cream.
  • Exercise.
  • Watch season 5 of True Blood. #Alwaysforget
  • Punch a shark in the nose.
  • Listen to Kiss.
  • Sky dive.
  • Go jogging.
  • Read the comment section of a controversial video or news article.
  • Talk to strangers.
  • Ride a unicycle.
  • Tell you how pretty you are. (Okay, reader you do look good today. I mean it. Kinda. Okay, I do.)

Although writing is the LAST thing I want to do right now, I’m going to force myself to do it. Because I’ll never get better at it or have a real career out of it if I don’t. And once I get into it, I’ll feel happy that I did. And I like providing entertainment for you guys. No matter how shoddy it may seem.

Thanks for letting me vent. See ya, on the other side. Or Thursday. Whichever comes first.

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