Awesome List 6th Edition

Welcome to the 6th addition of the awesome list! For those who are new here, I write about all the things I found awesome for that month during the last scheduled posting day of the month. Here’s what I found awesome in July!

Battle of Five Armies trailer: At long last, the trailer for the last installment of the Hobbit was released! It looks really good and I can’t wait to see it.

Suburban Gothic trailer: Suburban Gothic is an eccentric horror comedy featuring two of my favorite actors: Matthew Gray Gubler and Kat Dennings.It’s about a guy named Raymond who is forced to move back home with his parents and has to stop a ghost from terrorizing the town. It looks really funny and I can’t wait to watch it.

Leaked Deadpool footage: Does this mean a Deadpool movie will grace our screens soon? Probably not, but one can dream. If the link doesn’t embed, just google it. You’ll find it in no time.

Sailor Moon Crystal: As most of you know I hate subtitles. But I’m willing to endure it for Sailor Moon. Although I’m not crazy about the CGI and Serena-err Usagi-looking more like 20 year old model, so far I’m enjoying the reboot.

Space Dandy: As most you also know I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Space Dandy! The new season has kicked off and it’s glorious. Space Dandy for life.

This Book is Full of Spiders: I think I finished it last month or the month before and got to mention it. Either way it was really good. An interesting take on zombies, infectious disease, and things that go bump in the night.



Ruzzle Adventure: This puzzle game is really addicting. Helps get the brain juices flowing.

Cotton Candy: Who doesn’t love brightly colored sugar?

2 thoughts on “Awesome List 6th Edition

  1. That Deadpool test footage was a blessing and a curse. On one hand the footage was great but at the same time it has wet everyones appetite for a film that will probably never be.

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