Trisha Paytas Strikes Again

I can’t tell if this girl is just a troll, ignorant or both sometimes.

For those of you unfamiliar with Trisha Paytas, she is a 20something YouTuber who is known for trying to be the next Anna Nicole Smith and making inflammatory statements on the interwebs. She will do and say anything for attention including making appearances on reality shows, saying rape can be a turn on, writing nonsensical books, and saying she wishes she was molested by Woody Allen.

Recently, Trisha denounced her trolling ways, saying that she did not want negative attention anymore after she posted an inflammatory video about PETA. That resolve lasted about two seconds before she posted this inflammatory video claiming that being gay is a choice. Oh boy.

In this ten minute video, Trisha contradicts herself over and over as she tells viewers about a time when she “turned full on gay.” And then when it didn’t work out she “turned straight again.” She also states that bisexuality doesn’t really exist but we also have “a little gay in us.” And of course as a wonderful Catholic woman, she dives into the religious aspects of homosexuality.

Much like Trisha’s is Rape a Turn on video, there are so many misconceptions and inconsistencies in her video, that we will go through one by one.

Being gay is not the equivalent to bestiality.

Like many other religious folks, Trisha brings up bestiality in the beginning of her homophobic rant. It’s not the same. Having sexual relations with an animal is not the same as having sexual relations or attractions to the same sex. There’s no correlation between the two other than The Bible saying that it is sinful.

Having a “girl crush” is not the same as being a lesbian or bisexual. 

The relationship Trisha describes between her and the woman she supposedly entered into a relationship with, sounds more like bisexuality than homosexuality.

There are also several points in the video where Trisha states “we all have a little gay in us” meaning that we can all be easily attracted to the same sex and choose to sway one way or the other. That kind of overly simplifies sexuality in a way, doesn’t it. Sexuality is a complex thing. It isn’t so black and white.  Although I identify as a straight female, I can appreciate an attractive female when I see one.Beauty is beauty and who am I to be repulsed by it if it’s on the same sex. A lot of women are willing to admit to this and the same could be said of some straight men. They can appreciate a nice set of pecs or abs without it being some kind of deviation from their normal sexual preferences or orientations. Beauty is beauty and one should be able to appreciate it regardless.

Bisexuality does exist.

Trisha denounces the existence of bisexuality when in reality that seems to be the way she is describing her own sexuality. Getting burned by men and then deciding to date a woman or feeling physical attraction towards a woman is bisexuality, Trisha. YOUR STORY is a testimonial that bisexuality exists. There have been studies conducted that shows that bisexuality does in fact exist. It’s not just a made up social construct, but a biological response.

Sexuality is way more complex than making a choice to be attracted to one sex over another. 

Sexuality isn’t a switch that can be turned on and off at will. People don’t go saying that they love being with men in one moment then being repulsed by them the next. It just don’t work that way.

There may not be an explanation behind sexuality.

I didn’t wake up one morning and said hey, I’m straight! I’m just naturally attracted to men. The same can be said for a lot of homosexuals. As long as they can remember, they were probably attracted to the same sex. It’s natural for them. Who are we, Trisha included, to judge something that is a natural occurrence for someone else? Why would anyone choose a harder lifestyle or circumstance? It’s like ethnicity. I didn’t choose to be black. I was born that way. Why can’t the same be said for sexuality?

Using The Bible/religion to oppose homosexuality is a weak argument. 

Trisha often refers to The Bible and Catholicism as she argues that being gay is a choice. The Bible is supposed to be the word of God. What’s in it is supposed to be law. And if you go against what is in The Bible, you are going against God’s laws and sinning. At the end of our lives God JUDGES us based off our choices and our sins then punishes or rewards us accordingly.

Throughout the video, Trisha states the opposite. According to her, God doesn’t judge us based on the choices we make. He forgives us. Which is true. God is supposed to forgive us if we repent or apologize for choices deemed wrong in The Bible. However, if you don’t repent, if you don’t feel that the choices you are making are wrong or need to apologized for, then you cannot be forgiven for these things. Meaning you will be punished.

The Bible was written by men, usually hundreds of years after the said events occurred so how do we really know that The Bible is a proper representation of God or his wishes. We don’t. That within itself makes using The Bible or religion as the platform for any argument invalid.

We get it, Trisha. Garnering negative attention gets you views and more ad revenue. But is spreading misinformation and being an inflammatory troll something you really want to be known for? Sexuality may not be a choice, but being a decent and tolerant human being is.

What did you think of the video? Do you agree with Trisha or do you think she’s just being a troll? Sound off in the comments below.

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