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Hey all! As some of you may know I’m taking a small break from social media and blogging until the end of the month, but I have returned briefly to participate in the Going Pecans blog hop!

Going Pecans is the latest novel from Gina Henning. Gina has asked me and fellow authors to write about a time in which we or one of the characters from our books was “Going Pecans” (a fun take on the phrase going nuts). I’ve decided to enlist the help of Tripp and Langston, the main characters in my novel Madness to help me do this. The excerpt is from chapter 18 in the novel. The scene follows Tripp as he watches seemingly put together Langston’s nerves unravel. Little does he know that the face of Langston’s rapist has been haunting her everywhere she goes. Enjoy!


Tripp sat in the café of the Barnes and Noble studying material for school. As he was reading, he caught a glimpse of Langston talking to the girl Mark would fool with around with sometimes. She seemed upset. She grabbed Mark’s girl by the wrist and dragged her across the store. Tripp’s curiosity got the best of him. He got up and followed. madness front cover

            “He’s here!” Langston hissed. “I knew I wasn’t going crazy that day in Shoprite. That man is him!”

“Are you sure? Maybe you’re just mistaken.” Her friend reassured her.

“No, I…”

            “Excuse me ladies,” a man interjected. “Do you know where the do it yourself section is?”

Langston sighed in relief. “Yes, sir. Go straight down and it’ll be on the left hand side.”

The man smiled and nodded before walking off. “You’re right. It wasn’t him.”

            “Wasn’t him who?” Tripp asked as he approached the girls.

“Oh she thought it was the guy who-” Langston clamped her hand over her friend’s mouth.

“No one. I thought it was no one.” She replied quickly as she ushered her friend away.

            Tripp couldn’t help but notice how tense she was. She was shaking and looked as if she saw ghost. Tripp ran his hands up and down her arms. She had goose bumps and shuddered slightly at his touch. He touched her face.

“You know you don’t have to keep any secrets from me right? You know so much about me, but I hardly know much about you or your past. Do you need to talk?” Tripp asked.

Langston smiled weakly at him and shook her head. She put her hand on top of his. “No, but I’m…probably just nerves. This trip with Nicholas is coming up and the anniversary of…things are just starting to add up.”

“How are things with you and ol’ boy anyway?”

“Great. Great.” She replied.

It took Tripp a moment to notice, but his hand left her face and was dangling at their sides. His hand was in hers. She must have noticed too because she blushed and yanked her hand away.

“I better get back to work. I’ll see you when I get off okay.” She said before darting away.           

Tripp chuckled. He wondered what kind of secrets she was hiding from him. Although he knew that she had a right to privacy, Tripp discreetly followed her. A part of him needed to know.

His instincts were right. Langston and her friend were hiding in a quiet corner of the bookstore. They were on the floor stocking the bottom shelves with books. They seemed to be in the thick of their conversation.

“I feel like I’m going nuts! Ever since that day I saw him in the supermarket, I’ve been seeing him everywhere. That man looked just like him!” Langston hissed.

Her friend nodded her head sympathetically. “I can’t even imagine. You have to take it easy though. Maybe you’re just jumpy because the anniversary’s coming.”

 “That’s what I’m thinking. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time. When I come back I’ll either be so happy or so ridiculously tired I won’t have time to think about any of it.”

For more Madness you can get the book here!


Front Cover Going PecansTo check out Gina’s novel “Going Pecans” go here! If you want to learn more about Gina and her books or want to contact Gina please feel free to follow the links below!

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