Cooking is Bullshit

Hey ya’ll. I had a completely different post planned for today, but I wanted to share my kitchen nightmare with you.

Much beauty. Very bullshit.

The kitchen and I aren’t friends. I’m a pretty good cook, but I’m not too fond of cooking. It’s pretty stressful for me. I get worried about burning myself or the food or adding too much or too little seasoning. There’s also the mess factor. The more ingredients and pans you use, the more messy things get.

An alien must have taken over my body because I had the urge to cook something new today. I picked up the ingredients yesterday for pizza/sloppy joes rolls and I was pretty excited to make them. Until I got into the kitchen. At first everything was fine. I cooked the ground beef and seasoned it a bit. I decided to let the meat rest on the stove while I opened the can of Manwich to pour over it. I couldn’t open the can.

The only can opener I’ve ever used was electric, but using a hand crank one seemed simple enough. Not. I couldn’t get it to latch onto the can properly and when I was able to it didn’t cut the lid, but the side portion before it. Not even YouTube could help me! It took about 15 minutes before I finally got fed up and started stabbing the can with the pointy part of the can opener. Success! I poured the sauce through the opening I created.

After I got the sloppy joes situated, I started to work on the pizza rolls. Of course the crescent roll container didn’t open easily. And making sure the sauce and cheese got onto it properly was a pain. The sloppy joes rolls were a lot easier to handle.

I threw those bitches in the oven and waited 10 minutes. They needed a little extra time in the oven which was fine, but I almost burned my hand taking them out.

All in all they came out okay. The garlic powder I used for the pizza rolls was okay and needed a little more cheese. I didn’t have a sloppy joes roll but my mom seemed to enjoy them.

So I guess tonight’s cooking adventure was a success. Take that kitchen!

But cooking is still bullshit.

3 thoughts on “Cooking is Bullshit

  1. Haha sounds like you had a successful, if stressful, result! I like cooking but it takes soo much effort, especially after a day at work. It’s much more enjoyable cooking for people than just for myself! Kind of inspired to try and make pizzas from scratch now lol 😉 x

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