Wishful Thinking (A Poem)

Wishful Thinking

Every time my phone buzzes

I look to see if it’s you.

Maybe you’ve come to your senses.


Maybe you’re missing me too.

Maybe you want to apologize.

To tell me that you were wrong.

You didn’t need to go anywhere.

What you wanted was here all along.


Does your heart hurt too?

Does it make you weep?

Are you feeling regret?

Do you feel incomplete?


Are you wondering about me

As much as I am about you?

Am I on your mind

No matter what you do?


As much as I like to think this

I know it’s probably untrue.

In the end it seems like

This didn’t matter that much to you.


As much as I hope and dream

That you’ll come to your senses

I know you probably won’t.

This optimism is senseless.


Still I hold out hope

That your name will light up the screen.

And this pain will be over

Like waking from a bad dream.




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