My Boy (Flash Fiction)

So sorry I’m late!

This a short story I wrote several months ago over at The Angry Hourglass. If you like flash fiction, you’ll definitely like what goes on over at The Angry Hourglass so go check it out!

Anyway, here’s the story.

My Boy

As soon as my human let me off the leash, I dashed across the park to find my boy. He had to be playing hide and seek somewhere. The park was so big. He could be anywhere.

I dashed behind every tree. I poked my nose in every bush. There were kids on the swings, but none of them were my boy. The slide was slippery, but I tried to dash up it anyway. As I rested under the jungle gym, I examined the children. None of them were my boy. As a last resort, I trotted over to the monkey bars. He loved to play there. No sign of him.

Maybe he wasn’t here. Maybe I was too early. Or maybe he was really serious about this game of hide and seek. When he tired of it, he would come. He would find me here and give me belly rubs. I loved when he gave me belly rubs.

I remembered the last time we played here. Me and my boy were playing ball in the field. A man came up to my boy as he threw the ball. Like a good boy, I went to fetch it. I saw the man grab my boy. He didn’t want to go with him. I ran up and bit the man a few times, but he hit me with a hard object. Despite the pain, I followed but it was too late. He stuffed my boy in a van and drove off. I followed the van as far as I could, but I collapsed in the middle of the street. That’s where my current human found me.

“Come on, boy!” My new human shouted.

I whimpered. I wanted to wait for my boy, but I was a good boy and good boys always listened to their master. I scampered over to my new human. He gave me belly rubs and a treat.

“We’ll come back tomorrow. I promise.” My new human said.

Good. Good. Maybe tomorrow I will find my boy.

5 thoughts on “My Boy (Flash Fiction)

  1. I really like your story. I have a short story blog and I would like to re-blog your story to it, with your permission, fully accredited of course, and you keep your copyright. Take a look and let me know?The Pool of Dreams | Thought makes Reality – Tales of Unwise Paths
    8 Jun 2014

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